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      1. Application Range of Carboxymethyl Cellulose

        2018-12-04 12:26 admin
        One of people's favorite pasta dishes must be steamed buns. Now even Jiaxing is more and more acknowledging this kind of food. Therefore, nowadays steamed buns are spread all over the motherland. The steamed bun machine is also produced at present.
        Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) conforms to the historical upgrading conventions and meets the non-subjective requirements of the equipment. Not only that, but also the future of its market is extraordinary! How can we say that the future of rock wool board market is extraordinary?
        What do people really like about it? In fact, it is not difficult to feel. For example, in the words of northerners, steamed buns are one of the people's favorite pasta dishes. Some people often get bored with a meal. Nearly a few of the different snack bars on the market sell steamed buns because they are not only economical but also delicious.
        People's living standards have changed, and the level of consumption should change with them.
        Steamed buns, which used to be eaten only after the New Year's Day, are now eaten whenever you want. With steamed buns on the market, the most difficult thing is that there are so many people in steamed buns.
        What about carboxymethyl cellulose? Actually, it's very understandable. It must be made by equipment instead of by hand. The number of steamed buns manufactured by equipment is still far greater than that manufactured by people.
        As for the tone feeling, the steamed buns made of rock wool board also feel good. Now the leaders of all snack shops are very willing to produce it. Because it can not only save a lot of people, but also save a lot of material.
        It can be said that there should be time-saving and material-saving ah. Some people don't believe it's so weird, but if you come, you can prove it. In a steamed bun shop, five people can make about hundreds of steamed buns one day. The size of the steamed buns is not only different, but also the rules are completely different. But the steamed bun machine can pack hundreds of steamed buns in just over an hour, and the size of steamed buns is completely regular.
        Carboxymethyl cellulose steamed buns have the advantage of complete size and material savings.
        So now the leaders are willing to take it. In order to ensure the quality of steamed buns, a small number of old shops want to leave employees to make different steamed buns by hand. At present, a small number of leaders have a little to see the equipment for making steamed buns. I think there's a good market for wood in the future! 
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